Trends in Trademarks and Intellectual Property Risks for Furniture and Interior Designers

Ping® Newsletter by Adlerlaw April 2024

This month’s issue of the Ping® Newsletter looks at trends in trademarks, branding, and intellectual property protection for furniture design and interior designers. 

Have you been getting suspicious and confusing letters or notices regarding your trademarks? You’re not alone. Read more about common scams affecting our clients below. 

If you have a few minutes, check out a Business of Home article in which I am mentioned in the context of a recent lawsuit against Kim Kardashian and her interior designer over the use of knock-off furniture. 

Also in this issue is confirmation of my anticipated presentation at The NAMA Show 20224 in May.


Filing an application for U.S. trademark registration makes certain information publicly available in the U.S. Trademark Office records. For years, companies have been scraping these records and generating “official looking” notices and even invoices to unsuspecting companies. These notices that appear confusingly similar to governmental agency communications will direct you to pay fees for registration, for monitoring for applications similar to yours and for filing with domestic or international lists, directories, etc.


Please do not be confused by these mailings to you. If we represent you, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office will not send mailings directly to you, they will be sent to us.

Kardashian YouTube Video of Office Furniture Prompts Lawsuit Against Celeb & Interior Designer

I’m very honored to be mentioned in this Business of Home article discussing a recent lawsuit about ongoing problems with #Brands and Knock-offs. 

Filed in California, the Judd Foundation makes various unfair competition claims under 15 USC 1125(a) based upon Clements Design’s and Kardashian’s use of alleged Judd Design knock-off, publicized on Kardashian’s YouTube channel in August 2022.

Designers take note: the Judd Foundation (in-artfully) alleges the Designer’s use of a photograph of a Judd-designed table in the Designer’s proposal to Kardashian is copyright infringement leading to unfair competition.

Read the BoH Article here


The NAMA Show May 7-9 2024

Creating Strong Brands: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

I’m excited to announce that I anticipate speaking at The NAMA Show 2024, taking police May 7-9 in Dallas, TX. My proposed session is currently titled Creating Strong Brands: Tips, Tricks & Strategies.

Learn more about the event here.

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