Structuring and Planning M&A Transactions

Structuring and Planning Merger and Acquisition Transactions

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I was honored to participate in a recent webinar about Merger & Acquisition Transactions as part of the Financial Poise  M&A BOOT CAMP 2023. Our program, the kick-off episode in the series,  “Structuring and Planning the M&A Transaction,” covered a broad range of topics related to preparing for, structuring, and executing M&A transactions.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you may have questions, such as “What are the primary types of M&A transactions?” The panel discussed some of the key similarities and how they are structurally different. For example, I discussed the reasons why a buyer might want to structure a deal as an Asset Deal. Other panelists discussed the reason for choosing a merger (combining two companies); stock sales and purchases such as buying a company through a purchase of stock of the selling company from its shareholders. The panel also discussed financing options like  ESOPS and use of debt.

You can learn more about this Webinar here Structuring and Planning the M&A Transaction 

If you have questions about private company M&A, feel free to schedule a no-fee, no-obligation consultation with David Adler using the firm contact form on this page. We are eager to guide our clients through the life cycle of a deal, spanning deal origination, the LOI (letter-of-intent) or term sheet, due diligence, document drafting and negotiation, closing, and post-closing. 

Our conversations focus on issues related to tax planning and structure; corporate governance; negotiating deal points and common pitfalls and challenges; closing conditions; representations and warranties; indemnification provisions; earn-outs; restrictive covenants; antitrust; intellectual property; and employment.

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