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The following law publications and articles address topics such as ecommerce law, trademark and copyright protection, and intellectual property.

Publications, Presentations & Appearances

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  • @ Adler Law Blog
  • @ Indie Film Law Blog
  • Protecting Original Design: What Every Designer Needs to Know about Copyright, Trademark & Patent Law. San Francisco Design Center San Francisco, CA February 6, 2014.
  • "Social Marketing: Trend in Behavioral Advertising" Speaker at Inside Social Marketing Conference, New York, NY, December 3-4, 2013.
  • "Owning Design: Protecting Original Design in an Age of Knock-Offs" Panelist during Fall Market at the Decoration & Design Building, New York, NY October 2, 2013. #DDBFallMarket #DDBMarket.
  • "The Regulatory Landscape of Mobile Payment and Commerce" Panelist at Mobile Commerce World, June 24-26, 2013 San Francisco, CA. Presentation available soon.
  • "Managing Risk: Legal Issues for Merchants & Affiliate Managers," presentation to Affiliate Management Days 2013 - San Francisco, CA April 17, 2013.
  • "Social Media in Marketing and the Workplace: Legal and Regulatory Compliance" Presenter at RSA Conference 2013 USA, San Francisco, CA, February 26, 2013.
  • Lawyers take their practices to the stage, TV - and the conference room - Chicago Lawyer Magazine Feb. 01, 2013.
  • Fashion Law: Protecting Brands and Designs Article featured in Landslide, the Magazine of the Intellectual Property Section of The American Bar Assoc. Vol. 5, No. 3 Jan/Feb 2013.
  • NBI's E-Commerce for Business Attorneys: Ensuring Compliance, Avoiding Liabilities, Teleconference on Friday, December 07, 2012.
  • "CLOUD COMPUTING LEGAL RISKS & STRATEGIES" at Technology Convergence Conference 2013, Santa Clara, CA.
  • "FaceBook Marketing Legal & Regulatory Compliance" Presenter at AllFacebook Marketing Conference, San Francisco, CA June 28-29, 2012. Presentation available here.
  • "Law & Social Data" Presenter at Techweek Chicago 2012, June 24, 2012 Presentation available here.
  • "Social Media Legal & Regulatory Compliance" Presenter at @Midwest, Normal, IL June 21, 2012.
  • Social Media "Venture Heaven" Venture Capital in Social Media & Mobile Applications Panelist at Converge Silicon Valley 2012, Silicon Valley, CA, June 4, 2012.
  • "Social Media in Marketing and the Workplace: Legal and Regulatory Compliance" Presenter at RSA Conference 2012 USA, San Francisco, CA, March 1, 2012.
  • "The legal Side of Privacy and Social Media" Presenter at Socialize Toronto, Toronto Ontario, January 27, 2012
  • "How Technology is Changing the Music Industry" Arts Law Colloquium Series, DePaul College of Law Chicago, IL November 15, 2011.
  • "Legal Guidelines for Online Video Marketing" Rocky Mountain Video Expo, Denver CO, October 19, 2011.
  • "Facebook Marketing: Legal & Regulatory Compliance" Presenter at AF Expo, San Francisco, CA, June 29, 2011.
  • "Marketing, Branding & Trademarks," Presenter at RBMA Radiology Summit 2011, New Orleans, LA, June 6, 2011.
  • "Social Media Marketing: Legal & Regulatory Compliance" Presenter at Socialize: Monetizing Social Media, New York, NY, April 1, 2011.
  • "Pay for Praise" Entrepreneur Magazine, June 2010.
  • "Tell-All Author Claims Oprah's Influence Led to Media Blackballing" Fox Television News
  • "Monetizing Original Media: Broadband, Viral, Episodic Programming, Content & Advertising" Panelist at Digital Hollywood Spring, Santa Monica, CA May 3-6, 2010.
  • "The Oprah Winfrey Litigation: What Affiliate Marketers MUST Know" Panelist at Search Engine Strategies Conference, Chicago, IL December 9, 2009.
  • "Branding Issues for Business" Workshop presented to City of Chicago Dept. of Bus. Affairs & Licensing, Chicago, IL June 12, 2009.
  • "Web 2.0 Legal Risks: Protecting Your Brand On The Internet," Int'l Assoc. of Contract & Commercial Mgmt., Ask the Expert Webinar, Jan. 22, 2009.
  • "Intellectual Property & Trademark Issues: What SEMs Should Know" presentation to Search Engine Strategies conference, Chicago, IL December 7, 2008.
  • "Practical Copyright & Trademark Guidance for Webmasters and SEMs," presentation to Search Engine Strategies conference, New York, NY February 28, 2006.
  • "Intellectual Property Law for Transactional Attorneys: Internet Issues" Continuing Legal Education seminar for the Chicago Bar Association (CBA), Chicago, IL February 17, 2004.
  • "Servicing the Entrepreneur: Intellectual Property," CLE presentation to CBA, February 11, 2004.
  • "A Lawyer’s Guide for Internet Marketing - Navigating ethical requirements for advertising and communicating online." CBA Record, anticipated publication, Spring 2002.
  • "Ecommerce Legal Issues for Businesses" presented to the Elgin Chamber of Commerce, Elgin, Illinois, January 10, 2002.
  • "Legal Aspects of Ecommerce: Securing Ecommerce – Survey of Current Issues." presented to Chicago Bar Association, Solo and Small Firm subcommittee meeting of the Corporation and Business Law Section, November 12th, 2001.
  • "Browsing Through Cyberlaw – Trends in Technology Law: Legal and Ethical Obligations For Online Marketing and Communications." Presentation to Chicago Bar Association, March 14th, 2001.
  • "Representing Small Business in Illinois," presentation to the Illinois State Bar Association, April 12th, 2000.
  • "Major Issues Related to Web-Site Privacy," presentation to the Metropolitan Business Alliance, Chicago, Illinois, March 16, 2000.
  • Businesses Set Sites on E-Branded Domain Names,, May 17, 1999.

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